My podcasting partner, Edward, recently acquired a copy of Gettysburg and handed it over to me to learn. He knows I am a nut and amateur historian about the American Civil this was very appreciated by me! On Sunday I was able to play a full day (July 1) of the battle. My buddy Matt was over and we had some time to kill before others arrived in the afternoon, so, we broke it out and read the rules and started moving around meeples. Now, we're wargamers and we're miniature wargamers, so this was no problem for us...we both know the battle well also. Matt took the Confederates and I the Yankees...

I'll just say that we were incredibly impressed by the game. We intend to get it on the table as soon as we can for the full game! Things we really liked include:

The command system. Pure brilliance. And there are slightly different command challenges for the Yankees...the Yankee player must be aware of these things and must play well to avoid command problems. There is a wonderfully brain-crunching tension on almost every decision you make: play a command block...or...remove a command block...or issue an order. Simple, hard, crunchy...I feel the battlefield initiative swinging during the game!

The casualty system is also very interesting. The abstract nature of the losses, troop types and such is really flexible and models losses and reinforcements very elegantly.

The battle system is good. Basic, simple and fitting with the game. The proper things you'd expect are there like elite troops, fortifications, disruption, etc. to modify die rolls...the right amount of "chrome" on the game.

Edward also acquired Waterloo (the lucky jerk), looking forward to that one too!

Find it, play it, love it...that's my initial recommendation!