A quick Christmas Eve podblast from your friends at Heavy Cardboard! What's a podblast? A short and sweet conversational topic. A "blast" of fun. In this podblast, we present our lists of the top 5 games that were new to us in 2015. Two caveats: (1) we consider nothing released in 2015 for this list and (2) no filler games in the list.

Also, we have a second list in this podblast. A list of games that were new to us in 2015 but were disappointments. This one can (and does) include games from 2015 (still, no filler games in this list either).

This was fun, hope y'all enjoy it! - Listen up, it's just under 20 minutes, and tell us your lists!

Also, for next episode, we are doing our Top 50 games of all-time & soliciting input from y'all for a listener Top 10. Go enter your Top 10 here: Listener Top 10 survey!