Edward and Amanda discuss Gen Con 2018!

0:08:37:  Gen Con recap
0:11:10:  Games Edward saw/heard about while at Gen Con
0:11:15:  Root
0:12:48:  Brass
0:13:15:  Founders of Gloomhaven
0:13:33:  Lovelace and Babbage
0:14:21:  City of the Big Shoulders
0:15:38:  Newton
0:17:56: Coimbra
0:18:14: Detective
0:18:25:  Symphony No.9
0:19:56: Bosk
0:22:45:  The meetup
0:25:42:  "After Hours" goings on
0:26:09:  Edward's play of
0:31:40:  Gavin Brown of Roxley Games
0:32:59:  Isaac Childres of Cephalofair Games
0:35:02:  Conor Mcgoey of InsideUP Games
0:38:16:  Jeff DeBoer of Funagain Games
0:48:25:  John Coveyou of Genius Games
0:57:15:  Jess Davis of Artana Games

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