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Heavy Cardboard "Heavy Game of 2013" Award

We recorded "Heavy Cardboard Episode 6 : Master of Economy" last night. We'll get that edited and posted for Thursday. In the episode, one of the topics discussed was that we are beginning the formal discussion on what heavy games should be nominated for the award. Our plan is to assess the listing of all nominations and work towards releasing a list of nominees and recommendations. Schwerespiel de Jahres! To qualify, the game must have been released in 2013 and must be a heavy game. Here are the games we're beginning with. We would love it if you guys could leave comments here on the site about these games and what games you would nominate. Feel free to add reasoning. Let's get a healthy discussion going about those really special heavy games of 2013!

The Capitals (BGG Weight Rating: 3.5) Madeira (BGG Weight Rating: 4.2) Wildcatters (BGG Weight Rating: 3.7) Bruxelles 1893 (BGG Weight Rating: 3.5) Bora Bora (BGG Weight Rating: 3.7) Caverna (BGG Weight Rating: 3.8) Kohl & Kolonie (BGG Weight Rating: 3.8) Craftsmen (BGG Weight Rating: 4.2)

We'll add a few more too. Cuba Libre? 1862? Let's get this going!