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Heavy cardboard podcast

In each weekly episode of the podcast, we focus our attention on one game to discuss & review. On occasion, we'll host interviews, discuss important topics in the hobby, or get a little personal, as we enjoy the close connection that we have with our listeners. Ultimately, our main focus remains on the games themselves. We look at the game from all angles, as well as share our thoughts, impressions, and opinions with you, the listener. The intention is not to teach you how to play but to provide a thorough review of the game while, hopefully, entertaining y'all. In the end, we aim to provide a well-rounded feel for the game and to help you decide if the game is one that you might enjoy.

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Heavy cardboard YouTube channel

Unlike the podcast where we do not teach the games that we discuss, that's exactly what we do over on the YouTube channel. We live-stream our teaching and full play-throughs of games as well as interact with folks during the game.