Dual Sided Age of Steam map! Heavy Cardboard/KC Interurban

Heavy Cardboard FINAL.JPG
Kansas City Interurban Final.JPG
Heavy Cardboard FINAL.JPG
Kansas City Interurban Final.JPG

Dual Sided Age of Steam map! Heavy Cardboard/KC Interurban


With the full blessing of John Bohrer, we present the Heavy Cardboard/KC Interurban map!

Designed by Kevin McCurdy, one side is the official Heavy Cardboard Age of Steam map. The other side is the Kansas City Interurban map, which was enjoyed at the latest Age of Steam Con in Kansas City!

100% of proceeds from the sales of this map will be split between Heavy Cardboard and Age of Steam Con.

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Heavy Cardboard map (4-6 players)

This map was originally put together to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Heavy Cardboard podcast. This is the 2018 version. The city and town names used on this map are board games featured or discussed in Heavy Cardboard podcasts.

This map is intended to be fairly open with plenty of space for route building and goods availability. The Heavy Cardboard hex in the center of the map acts as a cube fountain generating new goods every round making it an important location as there is no production action with this map.

A new special action, "Heavy Lifting", adds the ability to deliver over land between Cities. This adds some interesting decisions for players during the game.

Kansas City Interurban (4-6 players)

Kansas City’s boom days of interurban railways started in the early 1900s and went away just as fast in the 1930s due to the rise of the automobile. This expansion map reflects the rapid growth of interurban railways and the competition to keep growing or go bust.

This map features a Power Plant track to power your electric interurban trains and also forces players to keep making their best deliveries or even better deliveries. Turn 1 requires a lot of expenses to get your railway started and the pressure to keep finding deliveries equal to or better than your longest delivery really ramps up the stress from the start of the game.


The maps are on a single 24"x18" sheet and printed on similar cardstock to Alban Viard's maps. They will be shipped in a tube with a poly sleeve to protect the maps.