Edward small

I come from a really fractured, dysfunctional family, but even so, some of my best memories growing up were spent around the table with my folks and my brother playing a bunch of the 'mass market' games of the 1980's (Risk, Payday, Life, etc.). During my high-school years, I was heavy into sports, but I also was on the chess team. The gaming continued when I joined the USMC in 1993, and while I didn't play many board games during my 9 active-duty years, we played a bunch of card games. Everything from Spades, Hearts, Tonk, Texas Hold'em, and finally, Magic the Gathering, were popular with me and the fellas. When I left active duty in 2001, I stopped playing all games, save for Texas Hold'em. To be honest, I didn't even know that hobby board games existed until 2009 when my wife, Amanda, and I stumbled upon a game store in a mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was awestruck by the games that I saw and was immediately smitten at the idea of playing all those games! Unfortunately, I wouldn't get that opportunity for another 3 years, but once I started in this hobby, there was no stopping.

From the beginning, I've been drawn to heavier, more intricate games. While I won't say that there is no game too heavy (I'm looking at you, The Campaign for North Africa!), I've yet to play one that I feel is too heavy to enjoy. That's not to say that I can't enjoy a lighter game, it's just that if given the choice, heavy board games are my bread and butter. I enjoy the competition of decision making that they provide as well as the deeper, more intricate story that they have to tell. Everything from heavy Euros, to 18xx games, to war games are my sweet spot. I am a game player first, game collector second.

In addition to being a board game enthusiast, I’m an avid cook, a big-time foodie and a music-lover.