A brief announcement!

We have created our Patreon page and wanted to mention it to y'all.

We have been producing the Heavy Cardboard podcast for nearly 2 years now and during that time, it has been one of the central things in our lives. The show has become more popular than we ever expected and it's shown no sign of slowing down, thanks to our incredible listeners! So while it's awesome that the show keeps on growing, with that growth comes increased costs. Up to this point, we have funded the show entirely out of our own pocket. Our sponsors have helped support the show with games, but as far as cash outlays go, it's been entirely on our dime. We love what we are doing and are planning on continuing the show for a long time, but as the show continues to grow, we want to continue improving the quality of the show. With your support (and the support of other listeners), we can continue to improve the production quality of the show as well as expand the coverage of the people and games that help make this part of the hobby so great!

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