Edward & Amanda sit down for an interview style episode, recapping Edward's trip to Essen, Germany, and Spiel!

We also announce the winner of our contest for Arkwright or 1846, have two interviews from Spiel, and more! Enjoy!

  • 00:10:21 - Lonnie Orgler interview at Spiel 2016
  • 00:17:50 - What did Edward pick up at Spiel?
  • 0:28:50 - What we've been playing
  • 0:40:12 - BGGCon meetup info
  • 0:41:55 - Amanda interviews Edward about Spiel
  • 1:21:31 - Joris & Jeroen interview at Spiel
  • 1:36:12 - all of the voicemails we received for the contest!

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