African Bush Elephant Annual Patronage - $5 Patron Level

THUMB$5 African Bush Elephant.jpg
THUMB$5 African Bush Elephant.jpg

African Bush Elephant Annual Patronage - $5 Patron Level

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Our base level of support. You're helping us to expand and improve the show. Y'all rock!

All previous level benefits PLUS:

  • Exclusive Patron-only access to our Slack channel! Think of it as a perpetual chatroom with us and your fellow Patrons!
  • Exclusive Patron-only access to a monthly private video chat with Edward and/or Amanda!
  • Exclusive Patron-only voting for upcoming play-throughs!
  • Exclusive Patron-only access to any Heavy Cardboard “Glory to Rome sessions” livestream play-throughs (Live, uncensored and NSFW)!
  • Access to purchase selected exclusive Patron-only swag in the HC store including Challenge Coins and Patron-only T-shirts - this year's design comes from renowned graphic designer and illustrator Ian O'Toole (The Gallerist, Lisboa)
  • Free HC Patron Geekbadge
  • HC-inspired Wallpaper once a month